What is GTT

What is Grof Transpersonal Training?
GTT is a program for experiencing and studying Holotropic Breathwork™ and the transpersonal perspective. It is a two-track program that can be used either to become a certified practitioner or simply to experience this practice in a more in-depth format. It is the best way to spend time with HB co-developer and one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, Stanislav Grof. Although semi-retired, Stan still teaches at some of the six-day training workshops, also called modules. The rest are led by GTT director Tav Sparks and a carefully selected teaching and facilitating staff. Modules may also have guest faculty who are leaders in the transpersonal and related fields. Past guest teachers have included Jack Kornfield, Andrew Harvey, Angeles Arrien, Richard Tarnas, Cait Branigan, and others.
Besides the practice and theory of HB, module topics include Shamanism; Movie Yoga; Addiction and Spirituality; Death and Dying; The Books of the Dead; Astrology; Gender; The Lord of the Rings; and others. A special event is Ecstatic Remembrance, featuring Kirtan (chanting) led by Jai Uttal (nominated for a 2002 Grammy for his album Mondo Rama). Advanced trainings include Trauma & Transformation; and Fantastic Art - held at the HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland.
You may participate when you choose, in a residential setting, in groups of moderate size, for one or two six-day modules at a time. You will be with people from around the world who are excited about Holotropic Breathwork and its possibilities, and you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the breathwork and your personal journey than usually possible in shorter workshops. And you will be part of the larger community of HB practitioners and experiencers.